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The species are presented in order by family and within families by genus. Pteridophytes, the ferns and fern allies, are first, followed by the flowering plants, dicots first and then monocots.

Apiaceae, Parsley Family
Apocynaceae, Dogbane Family
Asclepiadaceae, Milkweed Family
Asteraceae, Daisy Family
Boraginaceae, Forget-me-not Family
Brassicaceae, Mustard Family
Cactaceae, Cactus Family
Campanulaceae, Harebell Family
Caryophyllaceae, Pink Family
Cistaceae, Rockrose Family
Euphorbiaceae, Spurge Family
Fabaceae, Legume Family
Gentianaceae, Gentian Family
Geraniaceae, Geranium Family
Hypericaceae, St. John’s Wort Family
Lamiaceae, Mint Family
Linaceae, Flax Family
Lythraceae, Loosestrife Family
Nyctaginaceae, Four-o’clock Family
Onagraceae, Evening Primrose Family
Oxalidaceae, Wood Sorrel Family
Plantaginaceae, Plantain Family
Polemoniaceae, Phlox Family
Polygalaceae, Milkwort Family
Polygonaceae, Smartweed Family
Primulaceae, Primrose Family
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family
Rhamnaceae, Buckthorn Family
Rosaceae, Rose Family
Rubiaceae, Bedstraw Family
Salicaceae, Willow Family
Santalaceae, Sandalwood Family
Saxifragaceae, Saxifrage Family
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family
Solanaceae, Nightshade Family
Urticaceae, Nettle Family
Verbenaceae, Vervain Family
Violaceae, Violet Family