Alexander, Pamela

Andrews, Tom

Benedict, Dianne

Bergman, Marvin (ed.)

Blake, Susan Louise

Borofka, David

Boswell, Robert

Brazaitis, Mark

Bunkers, Suzanne L.

Burns, Ralph

Cady, Jack

Carr, Pat M.

Chetkovich, Kathryn

Colter, Cyrus

Dilworth, Sharon

Dodd, Susan M.

Donovan, Priscilla

Engle, Paul

Felsen, Milt

Fetler, James

Flythe, Starkey

Fox, Charles Elmer

Francis, H.E.

Frucht, Abby

Galvin, Brendan

Gilberg, Gail Hosking

Gildner, Gary

Glaser, Elton

Glück, Tereze

Goodman, Ivy

Harleman, Ann

Harris, Elizabeth

Hedin, Mary

Heffernan, Michael

Henry, Jim

High, Egyirba

Horton, Loren (ed.)

Hubbard, Philip G.

Hudson, David (ed.)

Hull, Lynda

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Kellie, Luna

Knopp, Lisa

Leader, Mary

Lenzo, Lisa

Manfredi, Renée

Mates, Susan Onthank

Maynard, Isabelle

McKean, James

McNally, John

Moore, Rod Val

Muhanji, Cherry

Mullen, Peg

Nelsen, Jane Taylor

Nevai, Lucia

Nissen, Thisbe

O’Brien, Dan

O’Connor, Philip F.

Olsen, Sondra Spatt

Oness, Elizabeth

Orlove, Benjamin S.

Otto, Lon

Pape, Greg

Peirce, Kathleen

Petesch, Natalie L.M.

Pettit, Michael

Porter, Horace A.

Post, Gaines, Jr.

Poverman, C.E.

Pritchett, Michael

Ramke, Bin

Reed, Cecil

Reisman, Nancy

Roberson, Ed

Ruefle, Mary

Scott, Kesho

Searle, Elizabeth

Seaton, Maureen

Shomer, Enid

Soniat, Katherine

Svoboda, Terese

Swensen, Cole

Swick, Marly A.

Szporluk, Larissa

Targan, Barry

Thomas, Annabel

Ullman, Leslie

Waldner, Liz

Webb, Ruth Cameron

Williford, Lex

Wilson, Miles

Wood, John

Working, Russell

Wyatt, Charles

Young Bear, Ray A.

Zancanella, Don


A point is that which has no part: poems

A shared life: poems

After the first death there is no other

Ant generator

Anti-warrior: a memoir

Articles of faith

Beach umbrella

Biographical dictionary of Iowa

Black eagle child: the facepaint narratives

Black velvet girl

Burning & other stories

Cardinal Points

China dreams: growing up Jewish in Tientsin

Dancing in the movies

Eminent domain

Flight dreams: a life in the Midwestern landscape

Fly away home

Fly in the buttermilk: the life story of Cecil Reed

Friendly fire

Fruit of the month

Furious cooking: poems

Good doctor


Harry Belten and the Mendelssohn violin concerto

Heart failure

Hints of his mortality

Hole in the language

Hotel Malabar: a narrative poem

House fires

Igloo among palms

Imaginary men

Impossible appetites: nine stories

In my father’s study

In primary light: poems

In search of Susanna

Inland: poems

Isolato: poems

Journey into personhood

Laughing Africa: poems

Lent: the slow fast

Letters from Togo

Line of fall

Listening to Mozart

Long white

Love’s Answer

Lucky American childhood

Macauley’s thumb

Making of a black scholar: from Georgia to the Ivy League

Massacre of the innocents: poems

May you live in interesting times

Memoirs of a Cold War son

My body to you

My Iowa journey: the life story of The University of Iowa’s first African American professor

Nest of hooks

"Old morals, small continents, darker times"

Old wives’ tales

Out of the girls room and into the night

Phototropic woman

Prairie populist: the memoirs of Luna Kellie


River of lost voices: stories from Guatemala

Shiny objects

Slow work through sand: poems

Snake’s daughter: the roads in and out of war

Star game

Star ledger: poems

Sunflower facing the sun: poems

Swamp candles: poems

Taking part: a twentieth-century life

Tales of an American hobo

Thank you for being concerned and sensitive

The Adamant

The bunker in the parsley fields: poems

The gates of the elect kingdom: poems

The hemophiliac's motorcycle: poems

The itinerary of beggars

The oval hour: poems

The penultimate suitor: poems

The Warsaw sparks

The women in the mirror

Tight spaces


Tree of heaven: poems

Tropical depressions: poems


Try: poems

Unfriendly fire: a mother’s memoir

Venus tree

Voices cast out to talk us in: poems

Wake: poems

Western electric

Where love leaves us

Within the lighted city

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